Roe v. Wade

Thank you, God. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which established a constitutional right to abortion on January 22, 1973, 49 years ago. Honestly, I was indifferent about abortion before your conception and thought, as a result, women should have the optionality because they’re affected physically.

My opinion changed once you came into my world. Even though you were still a part of your mother, you were alive. Now, I don’t know whether you were capable of feeling pain. I don’t think anyone definitively knows. But nothing can change the fact that you were human. God made that for certain. Therefore, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, including rape, death or severe bodily injury, no longer did I think it was allowable for either a woman or man to determine the fate of an unborn baby. I came to the belief that only governments can protect the life of unborn babies because they, like children, are not able to defend their rights.

When I see pictures of people, typically women, cheering after their government gave them the right to have an abortion or protesting after their government struck it down, it’s sickening. I don’t understand how anyone can support killing life. Some of them might claim the decision is really about their larger freedoms. Like, for example, the right to engage in gay, lesbian or bisexual relationships, which is something that CNBC’s Shepard Smith has been alluding to for the last couple hours. I strongly disagree. LGBTQ+ rights and killing a human aren’t comparable. If a woman or man isn’t responsible enough to understand the possible consequences of engaging in sexual activity, they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to kill a life.

Regardless, the U.S. Supreme Court only stuck down the right to have an abortion at the federal level. States are still left to choose its legality. Rather than being a completely one-sided decision, the right to abort is now up to people like you and me – voters. Although I’m against abortion, I believe that’s the best outcome. Everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs. And, as an added benefit, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision should help to consolidate the primary residence of like-minded people. Abortion won’t be banned federally.

Just so you know, neither your mother nor me ever considered aborting you.

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