Posts from May 2020


The last 10+ years haven’t been spent sitting on my hands. I’ve seen how people can easily become complacent first-hand resulting in productivity issues, and then those same people get defensive when they find themselves at the chopping block. No, I’m not guilty. As a consultant, you’re practically always on the go and never work […]


The best shoes that I’ve ever owned are my pair of LeBron x John Elliott in black. Why? It still looks new after six months. My last pair of shoes, Air Jordan 1 Retro in black leather, already had signs of wear by this mark and looked jacked up for about the last two years […]


Basketball has been my favorite sport since childhood. Growing up in a racially diverse area by American standards, it was adorned by those black and often shunned by those white in favor of baseball. Although many of my younger years were spent playing in little league, I loathed it. Baseball just wasn’t engaging, but my […]


Have you ever accidentally deleted a bunch of important files on your computer? It sucks. I feel sick. Last weekend, I bought a new laptop and then had a great idea to make a clean copy of the OS before any changes were made. As soon as I had some free time, I found my […]

The End of an Era

I was fired via a Teams call, today. Financial issues as the result of COVID-19 was cited as the reason and I understood since the project pipeline was dry. I was hoping that I’d be the only casualty on the team, but my co-worker was let go as well. I’m not angry. I’m not surprised. […]