Posts from June 2020

Executive Compensation

I’ve enjoyed sports since childhood. My mom deserves much of that credit since she was steadfast that team sports would be good for my development even if I wasn’t the most willing participant, and she made sure I went to every practice or game knowing they were out of the way. For someone who never […]


My mom re-married when I was still a child who carried around the blanket and stuffed animals that my father, my mom’s first husband, had given me before his sudden death. Neither do I have memories of his death, nor do I have memories of him. It happened when I was only two years old. […]


Today we found out that you’re a girl. My daughter. It brought tears of love to my eyes when your mom told me while we were at the hospital for your monthly check-up. What started as an ordinary day became one of the happiest days of my life. I can’t stop thinking about you, and […]

Pipe Dream

The last time I could bench press 315 pounds was in college. Most onlookers were surprised at my strength given my lean stature. I wasn’t a big guy by any means, but my body was capable of making continuous incremental performance gains unaided by dietary supplements. My pipe dream was to play professional football. Make […]

NBA’s Exhibition

The return of this NBA season is a joke. I had thought nobody of media prominence shared my opinion until yesterday. One of my least liked sports commentators, Stephen A. Smith, said Kevin Durant would be making a mistake if he were to comeback when game play resumes because this season will always be marked […]

Traffic Laws

Nearly two decades ago I lived in a place some people would consider the boondocks. It was a bit more than an hour outside of the nearest major city, and another 15 minutes away from the highway. Sometimes I wouldn’t get home until the early morning, between 2AM and 4AM. There wouldn’t be another moving […]


Regardless of the circumstances, George Floyd should not be dead. His death is a direct failure of the attending police officers, the Minneapolis Police Department and the mayors of Minneapolis – including Jacob Frey, a Democrat – who were elected by the people. It’s evident that there is, and has been since 2012, at least, […]


My dad got me into trading. He didn’t do it actively or knowingly, rather I learned the basics through continuous exposure to his verbal remarks at the TV during my teenage years. I can’t recall what he said, which is probably a good thing. I only recall that my dad was happy when the market […]