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Fuck Tesla

Within spec. That’s what the Tesla delivery representative said after showing him an alignment issue with the driver’s side quarter panel of the Model Y Performance assigned to me. While you were waiting for me, I tried to convince myself to take delivery of it for the better part of 90 minutes but couldn’t get […]

Royal Rainbow Flush

Rainbow, in card collecting, is the term used by collectors that acquire every parallel of a base card. A parallel is a card that has a similar look and design to a card from a base set but is distinguished by a unique physical quality, according to Topps. Color variations are, typically, one of the […]

Down Josh Brown

They call this guy “Downtown” Josh Brown for some strange reason. I’ve been watching CNBC almost religiously since some time before 2019 and he’s been nothing but wrong. Although he speaks truth, his market calls are so awful that he should have been picked up by Fox Business by now. CNBC, and its parent company, […]

Your Aunt

We ended up terminating the contract for your aunt’s apartment early. Your cousin’s parents failed to hold up their part of the agreement with your mother, unsurprisingly. Since they wouldn’t be able to pay rent come month three, your cousin’s parents formed a plan to take advantage of us. Your aunt knew your mother would […]


Choosing to live a life on the road has not come without sacrifices. I just found out that a person who had a profound influence on my life recently passed away. He was like a father to me after my father’s death. Once we were stateside, I was planning to bring you and your mother […]


You might disagree with my opinion on abortion. It seems to be the minority opinion based on the beliefs of my family and friends and those on TV. I’ve listened to most, if not all, of their arguments to find a weakness in my thought process but still can’t justify it under normal circumstances. Among […]


My best friend and his wife welcomed their baby boy into the world recently. He’s their first child. After speaking to them about an hour before the procedure, my best friend video called me almost as soon as he got back to the room with his son. The little guy was so cute. As his […]


My best friend and his wife have begun to prepare for their baby’s arrival by turning the extra bedroom into his room. They’ve agreed on its design after some deliberation. A safari motif will be featured on the walls and there will be hardwood floors throughout. The hardwood flooring has already been purchased and the […]

New Home

Your mother and I signed a deposit agreement for a new apartment recently. We had been talking about moving since we extended our lease agreement late last year as rents in the city were dropping significantly due to COVID-19, issues with the apartment and our landlord’s unwillingness to discount rent for that term. Even though […]

Thoughts on Derek Chauvin

I used to drive my parent’s cars, illegally. Other than starting a car, understanding the basics of an automatic gear box and adjusting the seat and mirrors, the extent of my driving experience was limited to video games. One night, after my parents had fallen asleep, I snuck downstairs, took my dad’s car keys to […]