Fuck Tesla

Within spec. That’s what the Tesla delivery representative said after showing him an alignment issue with the driver’s side quarter panel of the Model Y Performance assigned to me. While you were waiting for me, I tried to convince myself to take delivery of it for the better part of 90 minutes but couldn’t get […]

Royal Rainbow Flush

Rainbow, in card collecting, is the term used by collectors that acquire every parallel of a base card. A parallel is a card that has a similar look and design to a card from a base set but is distinguished by a unique physical quality, according to Topps. Color variations are, typically, one of the […]

Down Josh Brown

They call this guy “Downtown” Josh Brown for some strange reason. I’ve been watching CNBC almost religiously since some time before 2019 and he’s been nothing but wrong. Although he speaks truth, his market calls are so awful that he should have been picked up by Fox Business by now. CNBC, and its parent company, […]

Shampoo & Conditioner

As a proportion of savings, I’ve never seen someone spend more money than your aunt. Considering that neither she nor your cousin’s father still don’t have a job, it’s disappointing. It would have been mind-boggling had this occurred before being exposed to Vietnam. Recently, your aunt asked your mother to buy her shampoo and conditioner. […]

Your Aunt

We ended up terminating the contract for your aunt’s apartment early. Your cousin’s parents failed to hold up their part of the agreement with your mother, unsurprisingly. Since they wouldn’t be able to pay rent come month three, your cousin’s parents formed a plan to take advantage of us. Your aunt knew your mother would […]


Choosing to live a life on the road has not come without sacrifices. I just found out that a person who had a profound influence on my life recently passed away. He was like a father to me after my father’s death. Once we were stateside, I was planning to bring you and your mother […]


With about hour to go before my hosting plan was set to expire, I was vigorously copying all of my journal entries because it was too late to migrate my data. I tried to extend my subscription just before but ran into verification issues. It wasn’t worth my time and effort to sit on a […]


Favorable rumors about your cousin’s father are being passed around your family’s hometown. Your mother just found out that your cousin’s grandparents started telling their family and friends that your cousin’s father is working hard to financially support your aunt and cousin, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. He has barely earned 1,000,000 VND […]

Forget Them

Your first cousin’s grandparents on his father’s side are shit. When your aunt told them that she was pregnant with their son’s baby, his grandmother explicitly said they would not provide any support, including money to take care of the baby and a place to live, she should have an abortion immediately and to give […]


You might disagree with my opinion on abortion. It seems to be the minority opinion based on the beliefs of my family and friends and those on TV. I’ve listened to most, if not all, of their arguments to find a weakness in my thought process but still can’t justify it under normal circumstances. Among […]

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