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Le Minh Vuong

Vietnamese motherfuckers like him, Le Minh Vuong, a police officer (#283-658) in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7, are another reason that keeps me from buying property in Vietnam. I don’t personally know Ryan, the guy who complained about Le Minh Vuong, an unaccompanied police officer, invading his EcoGreen apartment in Saigon at 1AM on […]

Lucky Money

A lot of bad shit happens in Vietnam every day. Foreigners, regardless of whether they are in-country or not, are none-the-wiser because much of it goes uncovered by the media and unspoken by locals. Media aside, locals either don’t bat an eye since that’s what they know of as normal or keep their mouth shut […]


My good friend and I have tried to talk once every two weeks for the last couple of years. The intent was to use that time to brainstorm and pursue business ideas. While we’ve thought of several ones, none have stuck so far. It’s challenging to lock in on something that would require a grand […]

Keep Out of the Reach of Children

That statement is why at least one Vietnamese pharmacist told me an anti-fungal cream cannot be used on toddlers. She took out the pack insert from the box after I had asked her whether it was safe for you to treat your diaper rash and said no because it warned, “Keep medicine out of the […]

Death at #VinhomesCentralPark

One thing that I’ve learned while living in Asia is that Asians think differently than Westerners. One thing that I’ve learned while living in Southeast Asia is that Southeast Asians think differently than Asians and Westerners. And one thing that I’ve learned while living in Vietnam is that Vietnamese think differently than other Southeast Asians […]

Day 10

I don’t like Snickers but I should have bought more. We bought four months’ worth of food and other stuff in the three days leading up to home imprisonment, August 23rd. Among what we normally buy are items that were bought with starvation in mind. Whereas your mother ensured that we had an adequate amount […]

Day 1

Vietnam’s version of China’s Wuhan-style lockdown has begun. The Communist Party of Vietnam has brought Sài Gòn, a once bustling Southeast Asian metropolis, to a halt. Everything, now including food and convenience stores, pharmacies and delivery services, have been closed and everyone has been ordered to stay at home. Outside of China, I don’t know […]

Food Isn’t Necessary

The shit hit the fan. So, we think. Yesterday morning, the Communist Party of Vietnam announced that Sài Gòn will ban everyone from leaving their home beginning on August 23rd, in two days, and that the military will be responsible for providing food and essential items city-wide. However, it mentioned the exact details are still […]

Acceptable Risks

Without regard to guidance from many of the world’s leading health agencies, the Communist Party of Vietnam vaccinated as many people, aged 18 to 65+, as it could with the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine during its country-wide vaccination efforts that had begun in June despite its mostly youthful populace. Due to an unexpected number of post-vaccination […]


My cousin and her family planned a trip to South Florida several months ago when it seemed the COVID-19 outbreak was finally under control. She wanted to visit her parents for the first time in over two years. But as COVID-19 cases began rising again, my cousin questioned whether taking the trip was worth the […]