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Saigon Property Search

Previously written but forgot to post. Sometime before the COVID-19 crisis began, your mother and I had considered buying an apartment in Vietnam, which government regulations aside, is equivalent to buying a condominium in America. We visited many properties in and around Saigon. I thought making a reasonable effort was important. Your mother and I […]

Lucky Money

A lot of bad shit happens in Vietnam every day. Foreigners, regardless of whether they are in-country or not, are none-the-wiser because much of it goes uncovered by the media and unspoken by locals. Media aside, locals either don’t bat an eye since that’s what they know of as normal or keep their mouth shut […]


We’ve been giving your grandmother money every month since being together and, previously, your mother had given her money every month since she was a teenager. I don’t know how much money your mother had given her before, but we’ve given her between 5,000,000 VND ($215 USD est.) and 10,000,000 VND ($430 USD est.) each […]