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Lucky Money

A lot of bad shit happens in Vietnam every day. Foreigners, regardless of whether they are in-country or not, are none-the-wiser because much of it goes uncovered by the media and unspoken by locals. Media aside, locals either don’t bat an eye since that’s what they know of as normal or keep their mouth shut […]

Death at #VinhomesCentralPark

One thing that I’ve learned while living in Asia is that Asians think differently than Westerners. One thing that I’ve learned while living in Southeast Asia is that Southeast Asians think differently than Asians and Westerners. And one thing that I’ve learned while living in Vietnam is that Vietnamese think differently than other Southeast Asians […]

Second Theft

Some Vietnamese guy just stole your mother’s iPhone. We were enjoying our time together outside in a relatively safe, open public area that wasn’t busy because of the Communist Part of Vietnam. More specifically, the typical, scared shitless regulations it has imposed on its residents in an effort to control the latest COVID-19 outbreak because […]