Posts from June 2021


We’ve been giving your grandmother money every month since being together and, previously, your mother had given her money every month since she was a teenager. I don’t know how much money your mother had given her before, but we’ve given her between 5,000,000 VND ($215 USD est.) and 10,000,000 VND ($430 USD est.) each […]

Second Theft

Some Vietnamese guy just stole your mother’s iPhone. We were enjoying our time together outside in a relatively safe, open public area that wasn’t busy because of the Communist Part of Vietnam. More specifically, the typical, scared shitless regulations it has imposed on its residents in an effort to control the latest COVID-19 outbreak because […]


My best friend and his wife have begun to prepare for their baby’s arrival by turning the extra bedroom into his room. They’ve agreed on its design after some deliberation. A safari motif will be featured on the walls and there will be hardwood floors throughout. The hardwood flooring has already been purchased and the […]