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Fair Share

Last week, President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time as the POTUS. He used that platform to promote his first two major policy initiatives, the “American Jobs Plan” and “American Families Plan”. Understanding that money can’t be freely minted without consequences, President Biden strongly insisted that they will be […]

Thoughts on Derek Chauvin

I used to drive my parent’s cars, illegally. Other than starting a car, understanding the basics of an automatic gear box and adjusting the seat and mirrors, the extent of my driving experience was limited to video games. One night, after my parents had fallen asleep, I snuck downstairs, took my dad’s car keys to […]

Executive Compensation

I’ve enjoyed sports since childhood. My mom deserves much of that credit since she was steadfast that team sports would be good for my development even if I wasn’t the most willing participant, and she made sure I went to every practice or game knowing they were out of the way. For someone who never […]


Regardless of the circumstances, George Floyd should not be dead. His death is a direct failure of the attending police officers, the Minneapolis Police Department and the mayors of Minneapolis – including Jacob Frey, a Democrat – who were elected by the people. It’s evident that there is, and has been since 2012, at least, […]