With about hour to go before my hosting plan was set to expire, I was vigorously copying all of my journal entries because it was too late to migrate my data. I tried to extend my subscription just before but ran into verification issues. It wasn’t worth my time and effort to sit on a phone call with a CSR. Bad memories.

Don’t be surprised with the downtime. I’m not. Procrastination is a personality disorder that has plagued me since childhood. It’s something that I’ve been semi-actively working to improve over the last few years. Several strides in the right direction have been made but there’s still a lot more work to do.

I think part of me wanted it to expire. Re-designing my website crossed my mind often but I never had the motivation to start. Although the work is trivial since it’s comparatively plain, painfully slow connection speeds, especially those recently, significantly increase the level of effort. There are times it takes five minutes or more to see the effect of one click.

Now that my website is live again, my goal is to get all of my previous entries back up. They should still be available on an internet archive, maybe.  And, when time allows, let you know about some other things.  Your aunt and the Communist Party of Vietnam, in particular.

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