There are some corrections I’d like to document concerning a few of my previous thoughts. I don’t think the changes are significant, but they clarify factual inaccuracies and that’s important to me. My writings are typically from memory, and memories can be flawed as I learned in both psychology and law classes.

In the “Lebron” entry on May 20, 2020, I stated that, “he [Lebron] called himself the GOAT because his Cavs came back from 0-3 to beat the 73-9 Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals.” It was incorrect because Lebron’s Cavs won the series after coming back from a 1-3 series record. That one game doesn’t change my belief about and neither does his team’s win in the 2020 NBA Finals where the Lakers played some Eastern Conference team. I didn’t watch the NBA Finals this year because it wasn’t played on a level playing field. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who skipped it over. The 2020 NBA Finals had the lowest TV ratings of any NBA Finals since 1974, when ratings were first measured. Considering the increase in total household TV ownership over the last 40+ years and the fact that most Americans were stuck at home thanks to COVID-19, that’s embarrassing. This is a writing for another day, but the players – starting with Lebron James – are ruining the NBA.

In the “NBA’s Exhibition” entry on June 11, 2020, I stated that the NBA would be trying out a “new playoffs format.” Although some changes were made, the playoffs format followed the same best of seven game series by conference to determine the best Eastern and Western Conference teams to play in another best of seven game series for the championship. My friend clued me into that reality after talking to him with some excitement about the changes I thought would occur prior to the NBA season’s resumption.

In the “More Data Loss” entry on July 9, 2020, I stated that “those fuckers [Amazon] raised my monthly subscription price [for Amazon Photos] by $8 per month from $11.99 to $19.99.” Four days after I subscribed to the services, Amazon raised the subscription price from $11.99 to $19.99, but on an annual basis. I’m still upset that it increased my price after just four days, but I haven’t found a competing service yet around that price point. The Amazon Photos interface sucks, but it’s sufficient for now.


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